Online registration for all classes

You're welcome to register for our classes online - but you don't have to! By registering, you reserve yourself a spot in class. If you want to come by spontaneously, just check the online schedule before class to see if places are still free.

The online schedule shows all our bookable offers.

Opening an account

As a new customer

Please create your account at the following link:

As a VOLTA Yogi(ni)

Send a message to: You'll receive an email with a login invitation via Eversports.


Then go to our online schedule and click on the class you want to attend. When booking, you can choose to pay with one of your products (subscription, membership) or pay the drop-in price (single entry) by credit card. 


If you decide not to attend a class you've already registered for, please always unregister from your online account (no e-mails or SMS to us)!

A cancellation must be completed via your account no later than 5 hours before the beginning of class. If you cancel on time, you'll automatically receive a refund to your account. For late cancellations, the amount paid can't be refunded, regardless of whether it was paid as a single entry or with a subscription/membership unit.

IMPORTANT: Please actively unregister from a class even if the 5-hour deadline has already expired! That ensures that the spot is visible in the timetable and can be reserved by someone else. If there’s a  waiting list, the next in line will be offered the free spot.

Those who have a membership are not exempt from this rule. In the event of a late cancellation for a spot in a class the drop-In amount of the class will be charged.

We're counting on your help in managing our small class sizes, by always unregistering if you can't come- THANK YOU!​​

Waiting list

If a class is fully booked, you can put yourself on the waiting list. As soon as a spot becomes available, you will receive a push notification and can book the spot if desired.

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