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To me, Yoga means breathing. Only when we manage to build up and maintain a conscious breath during our yoga practice we are able to actually evolve. Sounds easier than it is! 

When I started practicing yoga in 2006 I mainly focused on physical postures and got hooked by the incredible feeling of lightness after my practice. It took several years for me to understand the important role of conscious breathing during my yoga practice. Conscious breath combined with asana has a very unique calming and at the same time energizing impact.

Another wonderful aspect of yoga is its accessibility for everyone. We all can practice yoga and experience the same benefits no matter how experienced or advanced our practice might look like from the outside. 

For the past five years when I lived in New York and worked as a yoga teacher I encountered a broad variety of people every day. And once again I realized that each person’s yoga practice can be as different and colorful as each individual though we are all able to experience the strengthening of a body-mind-connection. 

The source of inspiration for my teaching is Ashtanga yoga which I practice myself early every morning. I like teaching a strong, athletic and technique-oriented practice which focuses on precise alignment and conscious breathing so that my students can build up their own strength and awareness. 


2020: Pre-and Postnatal Teacher Training, Mamata Yoga, 85hrs 
2019: Ashtanga Yoga immersion mit Scott Harig, 200hrs
2017: Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training mit Scott Harig, 100hrs
2017: Yin Yoga Teacher Training mit Kate Kuss, 20hrs
2017: Chinese Medicine and Yoga mit Tiffany Cruikshank, 50hrs
2016: Advanced Yoga Teacher Training mit Noah Mazé, 300hrs
2014: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training mit Regula Guldimann, 200hrs
2014: The Energetics of Excellence Advanced Teacher Training mit Patrick Creelman, 100hrs

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