I was introduced to the physical practice of yoga as a supplement to rock climbing and running 13 years ago. At the time, I had an intense, rigorous, single-minded practice, which eventually led me to injury. This kept me off the mat for a while, until I was introduced to a flow-style approach of yoga that later on piqued my interest to undergo Yoga Teacher Training.
I acquired my Vinyasa-style teaching certificate in my hometown in Manila, Philippines before uprooting myself and coming to Basel more than 6 years ago. Since then, my yoga practice has evolved, and so has my student-base. Apart from teaching Open Level classes to adults, I find joy in leading Toddler, as well as Prenatal Yoga classes. I meld my background in dance, sport, group exercise, and even motherhood to offer a feel-good asana experience where you can breathe, move, have fun, work, get nurtured, and simply let it go.

Studio St. Johann

Mülhauserstrasse 50

4056 Basel

2. Stock

Studio Innenstadt

Aeschenvorstadt 57

4051 Basel

Vorderhaus A, 3. Stock


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