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St. Johann

Attention: this location will be closing by the 12th of February 2023!

Our home base in the midst of vivid and young St. Johann exists since 2016.

The spacious and light-filled rooms allow a feeling of lightness and openness to arise.

Spacial arrangements and dimensions are suitable for our larger workshops and specials.​

Address: Mülhauserstrasse 50, 4056 Basel, 2nd floor

Size: ca. 175 qm

​Capacity: momentary 18, normally 30 people


Equipment: Large dressing rooms | 2 toilets

Yoga props: HelloSun mats, blocks, blankets. bolsters and belts

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St. Johann

City studio


Since August 2019 our second yoga shala in the vibrant city is offering a cosy and calm atmosphere.

Easy to access with public transport from all over town you can jump in for our public classes and with proximity to the train station it is perfect to host our teacher trainings.

An oasis where centering and practicing are very easy

Address: Aeschenvorstadt 57, 4051 Basel, house A, 3rd floor

Size: ca. 118 qm

​Capacity: Momentary 14/ normally 25 people


Equipment: Dressing rooms | 1 toilet

Yoga props: HelloSun mats, blocks, blankets, bolsters and belts

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