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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

 Scope and subject matter of the general terms and conditions

VOLTA YOGA offers public yoga classes, workshops, trainings, retreats and private lessons. The general terms and conditions apply to all services provided by VOLTA YOGA. Should individual provisions be ineffective, the remaining provisions remain valid. By using one or more offers, the participant agrees to the application of these terms and conditions.


Personal responsibility in regular classes and workshops

​​Prior to the first participation in an event organized by VOLTA YOGA, a registration form must be filled out by the participant stating that there are no existing health concerns and that he/she is taking part on his/her own responsibility. In all yoga classes and workshops taught and organized by VOLTA YOGA, self-responsibility and a normal level of mental and physical resilience and fitness is required. Yoga classes can have a positive and beneficial effect on physical, mental and spiritual consciousness. However, they do not constitute medical or psychotherapeutic treatments.

Existing health restrictions as well as pregnancy must be reported to the teacher at the latest by the beginning of the lesson. Should a health-related restriction arise during lesson, the teacher must be informed immediately.

All participants take part in these courses on their own responsibility. Inasmuch, it is at the discretion of the participant to seek medical advice before participating in yoga classes. 


Cancellation of private lessons

​Private lessons canceled on time will not be charged. If an appointment is canceled less than 24 hours in advance, or if it is missed completely, the full amount is due. ​


Cancellation of private lessons by VOLTA YOGA

​VOLTA YOGA reserves the right to cancel private yoga lessons–even on short notice–in the event of illness or external circumstances; or to be represented by a suitably qualified person. The participant will be informed of cancellation as quickly as possible by e-mail, SMS or telephone (with the exception of unforeseeable cancellations).



​It is the responsibility of the participant to consult his/her doctor before taking the first yoga class to determine whether yoga can be practiced. Existing mental or physical health restrictions or an existing pregnancy are to be reported to VOLTA YOGA at the beginning of the class at the latest. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the participant; any liability is rejected. No liability is assumed for valuables brought by participants.



Yoga Teacher Training



An application for training must be made in writing with an email to Anya or Nico. The written registration for the training is binding! Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive a written confirmation as well as the invoice with the bank details for the payment of the registration fee (500.-).

Terms of payment
The deposit of Fr. 500.- must be made within 14 days of receipt of the confirmation.

Your place in the training is definitively reserved upon receipt of the transfer. The registration fee/deposit of Fr. 500.-* will not be refunded in case of a cancellation of participation (regardless of the reason).  

The full amount must be paid no later than 8 weeks (56 days) before the training starts (consultation with those responsible for the training is necessary to arrange for payment by installment).



The registration for the training is binding and in case of an unexcused absence the course costs are also due. By cancellation up to 3 months before the start of the training, only the registration fee (Fr. 500.-) will be withheld. In the event of a later cancellation, up to 6 weeks before the start, 50% of the total course costs will be retained. Thereafter, 100%.
A refund of the course costs will be made–in case of illness or accident (a medical confirmation must be provided) and only if participation becomes impossible–up to 5 days before the training.

After the beginning of the training, no costs will be refunded, even in case of illness or accident. Taking out cancellation insurance is the responsibility of the course participant.

*for the Yin Yoga Training (50h) the deposit is Fr. 150. -. All other conditions remain the same.


Additional Terms

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the course if the minimum number of participants for the training is not reached. In this case, paid course fees will be refunded immediately.

Yoga Retreats & Yoga Workshops VOLTA YOGA

with internal & external teachers


Registration/Deposit/Final Payment

​​Upon receipt of the registration, the participant will receive a confirmation of registration together with the bank details for the payment of the event. A spot in the course is only definitively reserved upon payment (for a retreat: payment of a deposit applies). The deposit will not be refunded upon cancellation of participation. With the deposite, the registration is binding and obliges the participant to pay the entire amount. Non-payment is not considered a course withdrawal. If payment is not made on time, service can be refused and cancellation costs claimed. If the number of participants is limited, registrations are taken into account in the order in which they are received. The date of receipt of the transfer is valid.


Cancellation costs of workshops and retreats

​​In case of cancellation up to 90 days before the course's first (travel) date, the total amount minus the deposit will be paid back. Up to 40 days before the start, 50% minus the deposit. In the event of cancellation at a later date, no refund is possible. The vacant place can be assigned to another person. In this case, a processing fee as well as any rebooking costs can be claimed. This provision shall apply unless otherwise agreed. We recommend the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance policy.



The right of the provider to modify the program or specific services (accommodation, care, yoga teacher, transport, etc.) in the event of unforeseeable circumstances or due to security reasons, is expressly reserved. In this case, any additional costs shall be borne by the participants.


Cancellation of event participation by the participant

​If the participant cancels participation in an event prematurely for any reason, the price will not be refunded. Any additional costs shall be borne by the participant.


​Cancellation of an event by VOLTA YOGA

The right of the provider to implement a short-term cancellation of an event due to force majeure, official measures, strikes or illness of the yoga teacher remains reserved. A trip can also be canceled up to 30 days before the start of the trip due to failure to reach the minimum number of participants. In this case, the amount paid will be refunded in full. However, further claims cannot be asserted (e.g. travel expenses).


Arrival & entry formalities abroad

​The return journey to the destination is the responsibility of the participants and the resulting costs are not included in the offer. Compliance with the entry requirements abroad is the responsibility of the participant. Passport or identity card must be valid at least until the return date, in some countries also at least 6 months beyond the return date. The provider assumes no liability for non-compliance with regulations and associated expenses, e.g. in the case of refused entry.



​Insurance is a matter for the participant in every respect. The organizer cannot be held liable for theft and loss of items. Participants are advised to take out the following insurance policies: travel annulation insurance, health and accident Insurance.


Health prerequisites

​Yoga workshops and retreats require good health and stable physical and mental condition. The participant takes part on his/her own responsibility and undertakes to inform the provider of any physical and/or psychological impairments. The advice of a doctor may be required before participation. If a participant does not meet the physical or psychological requirements, the provider may exclude the participant from participation. Return travel costs etc. are borne by the participant, and the amount paid cannot be refunded.



​​The liability of the provider is limited in any event to the amount and scope of the agreed offer and only covers the direct damage. The provider compensates the failure to provide services agreed upon, insofar as it was not possible to provide an equivalent replacement service on the spot. The provider shall not be liable if the cause(s) of non- or improper fulfillment of the contract is one or more of the following: firstly, non-compliance of the participants before or during the trip; secondly, unforeseeable failures of a third party who is not involved in the provision of the contractually agreed service; thirdly, force majeure or an event which the provider could not foresee or avert despite due care.

Data policy

​The provider commits to treating personal data and information confidentially and to not pass it on to third parties. The disclosure of data to employees and business partners for organizational reasons is excluded. Likewise, the participant commits to treating information about other course participants confidentially.

The provider uses photos of events on its own website or Facebook. Participants may be recognizable in photos. If this should occur against a person's will, he/she can ask VOLTA YOGA to remove his/her person from the picture. Additional claims cannot be asserted. 


​The copyright and all other rights to content, images, photos or other files on the website belong exclusively to VOLTA YOGA. For the reproduction of individual elements, written consent of the copyright holder must be obtained in advance.

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