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I was introduced to the physical practice of yoga as a supplement to rock climbing and running 13 years ago. At the time, I had an intense, rigorous, single-minded practice, which eventually led me to injury. This kept me off the mat for a while, until I was introduced to a flow-style approach of yoga that later on piqued my interest to undergo Yoga Teacher Training.

I acquired my Vinyasa-style teaching certificate in my hometown in Manila, Philippines before uprooting myself and coming to Basel more than 6 years ago. Since then, my yoga practice has evolved, and so has my student-base. Apart from teaching Open Level classes to adults, I find joy in leading Toddler, as well as Prenatal Yoga classes. I meld my background in dance, sport, group exercise, and even motherhood to offer a feel-good asana experience where you can breathe, move, have fun, work, get nurtured, and simply let it go.

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