Prices and 


All prices include VAT.
Reduced prices apply to students and people in difficult financial circumstances.

Buying Subscriptions & Memberships Online:  


Our 6- and 12-month memberships are only available in the studio.


To join an online class you pay less (compared to the regular price) than for a visit in our studios!

60' = 15.- (instead of 20.-)

75' = 20.- (instead of 25.-)

90' = 20.- (instead of 30.-)

Also from your 10 Abo or POWER Abo is drawn less (from 75' on).



Buy a voucher!


2 months membership

for 310.-/230.- students

This membership is valid for all studio and online classes and can not be sustained.

This membership can be bought from June 1st to July 1st  2022 at the studio or online.

Drop-in prices and abos

Single entries

60 Minutes 20 Fr. / 15 Fr. reduced

75 Minutes 25 Fr. / 20 Fr. reduced

90 Minutes 30 Fr. / 25 Fr. reduced


200 Fr. / 150 Fr. reduced

(10 units of 60 minutes each*)

The subscription is valid with no limitation.


180 Fr. / 135 Fr. reduced
 (10 units of 60 minutes each*)

The subscription is valid for 3 months;
 no suspension possible.


(unlimited admission to all classes in the schedule)

1 Week

Regular: 60 Fr.

Reduced: 50 Fr.

1 Month

Regular: 190 Fr. 

Reduced: 140 Fr.

3 Months

Regular: 510 Fr.

Reduced: 360 Fr.

6 Months

Regular: 890 Fr.

Reduced: 640 Fr.

12 Months

Regular: 1’520 Fr.

Reduced: 1180 Fr.

  • All abos and memberships are not transferable.

  • The memberships for 1 month and for 3 months can be suspended once for a minimum of 7 days (for holidays or business trips; must be announced before the trip).

  • The memberships for 6 and 12 months cannot be paused for holidays or business trips.​

  • All memberships can be paused/extended once (and for at least 2 weeks) in the event of pregnancy, illness or accident (in case of illness or accident a medical confirmation must be presented).​​​ No money will be refunded.

  • * For 75- and 90-minute classes, proportionally more will be deducted from the subscription than for 60-minute classes.