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"Ha" can be translated with "qualities of the sun" and "tha" with "qualities of the moon". In Hatha yoga we are working on balancing out those two energies in body and mind.

Hatha is also the umbrella term for all other physical forms of yoga (including breath work and meditation). At VOLTA YOGA our Hatha classes are designed to contain more of the "classic" yoga postures, they are more calm than Vinyasa yoga and are suitable for everyone who wants to take it a little slower and more accurate. Postures are held for a longer time, which allows us to sink deeper into the experience and understanding of our body and mind in the asana. On top we might find a more differentiated alignment. 


Our Hatha yoga contains of asana, pranayama and sometimes shorter meditations. We also try to avoid being on our hands and wrists too much. 

Hatha Yoga is centering, promotes patience, concentration, self-care and on a physical level balance, strenght and flexibility.



The roots of yoga

Spirit: focused|precise

Strength: gentle|moderate

Tempo: slow

Difficulty: easy|medium

In addition to the classic asanas, which are explained and executed precisely in Hatha, these classes include multiple breathing exercises, seated poses and inversions

Gentle Hatha

Be gentle and mindful

Spirit: gentle|mindful

Strength: gentle

Tempo: slow

Difficulty: easy

These simpler exercises are explained carefully and executed mindfully. Complemented with breathing exercises and relaxation poses. Suitable for beginners, those with physical limitations and more seasoned yogis.


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