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Online Schedule - Yoga in Basel

Welcome to our flexible drop-in system!


You can book a class online or just drop by


Payment at the studio in cash, with cards or Twint.

All information about booking, cancelling etc. here: Online Studio.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

--> At the moment there are NO restrtictions at the studios. NO certificate,  NO masks required.


Online Classes are grey in the schedule

Our online classes are marked grey in the online schedule. All abos and memberships are valid to book an online class, as well as a single entry. The link is open for you 15 minutes prior to class.


Click here to visit our video library . To watch your videos after you bought them, go back to the library. There you will see the videos open for you. Videos can be bought only with credit card.

A free video for you is here: Slow Vinyasa *Birds* (1-2/E) with Anya 

Yoga in Basel | VOLTA YOGA
St. Johann
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Yoga-Kurse in Basel an zwei Standorten |
Yoga-Kurse in Basel | VOLTA YOGA
Sunday schedule
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