"Vinyasa krama" means "to place in a specific way".

In this physically challenging stile the postures (asanas) are woven together into sequences, where the transitions from one posture to the next is as important as the asana itself. The breath plays an outstanding role in Vinyasa yoga - it is guiding us through the flows and helps to activate and store the energy. Slower forms like "Slow Vinyasa" or "Functional Vinyasa" are suitable for newbies too!

Vinyasa yoga is energizing, enhances strength, balance and flexibility and helps to find inner qualities like self-trust, equanimity, stamina, focus and presence.

And well, it is fun! Come and flow with us :).


Go with the flow

Spirit: flowing | supportive | playful

Strength: moderate | strenuous

Tempo: moderate | lively

Difficulty: medium | difficult

Breath is your guide through these energizing yoga sequences and helps bring the mind to rest and guide your consciousness into the present.

Slow Vinyasa

Find your alignment and breathe

Spirit: centered | mindful | powerful

Strength: gentle | moderate | strenuous

Tempo: slow | moderate

Difficulty: easy | medium

Staying longer in individual poses makes it possible to "work" more precisely and adapt to your needs. After this class you should feel relaxed, but still pleasantly challenged and strengthened.

Functional Vinyasa

Know your body

Spirit: mindful | focused | precise

Strength: gentle | moderate

Tempo: slow

Difficulty: easy | medium

In addition to the classic asanas, which are explained and executed precisely in hatha, these classes include multiple breathing exercises, seated poses and inversions

Ashtanga Inspired Vinyasa

Spirit: flowing | focused

Strength: moderate | strenuous

Tempo: moderate | lively

Difficulty: medium

In this fusion of classic Ashtanga with modern Vinyasa yoga, sun salutations, flowy Vinyasa sequences and classic asanas, from Ashtanga, which are held for some breaths, are combined. 

Breathwork and meditation in the end complete the practice.


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