YIN YOGA in Basel

Relax into the present moment

Yin yoga is a peaceful practice- at least from the outside! It can be, quite challenging to stay still in various poses for longer than just a few breaths. But that is exactly where "the magic happens". If we become still, we start to notice the movements in our mind. We are also able to connect to the sensations in our body, happening all the time, being pleasant and sometimes unpleasant. By giving the same loving care and attention to every sensation or thought, we learn to become "the observer" of what is happening within. This practice will sooner or later lead to peace, clarity and equanimity. So much for the mind and spirit.


Of course we benefit also physically from Yin yoga: our muscles learn to relax completely which helps to go beyond into the deeper connective tissues, which often are neglected and untouched. Working with fascia, ligaments and tendons, we need patience, because we stay longer in each asana, in order to create change. Yin Yoga is a gentle practice and we use a lot of props to support the body. Practiced on a regular basis, there will be more (joint-) flexibility, less distress in body and mind and often we even sleep better!

A wonderful tool - also in addition to more active yoga stiles.


Spirit: restful | mindful | accepting

Strength: ---

Tempo: very slow

Difficulty: easy

Our Yin classes are suitable for everyone, also for beginners. Asanas are held 3-5 minutes and you will be guided closely through the practice by the teacher, who will help you with the use of props, adaptions and will also give you a reminder on breathing,  mindfulness and other philosophical Yoga topics from time to time.

Deep Yin

Spirit: meditative| mindful | intense
Strength: ---
Tempo: long holds
Difficulty: easy-middle

This offering addresses all experienced yinners, who want to deepen their practice. Longer holds (4-8 minutes), less verbal instructions, calming background music and infusions of poetry will guide you into a meditative and fundamental experience of presence and embodiment.

Yin Yoga Basel VOLTA YOGA Anya
Yin Yoga Kurse in Basel _ VOLTA YOGA
Yin Yoga Basel VOLTA YOGA Anya