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Welcome to VOLTA YOGA!


Do I need to sign up?

You do not have to register andvance to come to a class, but if you like to book and pay in advance, please create your personal account here or in case you already have an account move directly to our schedule to book a class.

Please arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the class so that we have time to check you in and show you around.

What should I bring with me?

Comfortable clothes. You can pay for the at the studio with cash, card or Twint. We provide yoga mats and all other materials needed in class.

Trial class?

You can try out a class at any time with no obligation. Trial lessons cost the same amount as normal drop-in classes.


Taking classes at VOLTA requires no commitment to regular participation or to purchasing a subscription. 

Abos and memberships

We offer a selection of subscriptions and memberships, but the choice to purchase one is entirely yours. You can pay individually for each visit if you prefer. More about prices and subscriptions here.


Which class should I take?

You can read all the information on our classes here. For beginners, we generally recommend courses with the designation "Hatha" and "Slow Vinyasa". These classes are also suitable or all levels of experience. The "Vinyasa" classes require some basic knowledge and skills and are therefore suitable for Yogi:nis with Yoga experience.

If you have physical limitations, please contact us directly for personal advice.


We offer classes in German and English. Classes taught in English are marked with an (E) on the schedule.

Bringing friends?

We’ve got space! Some classes are not fully booked. In the present situation it is still better to book in advance. To create an account for online bookings, click here

We look forward to meeting you! Namasté, your VOLTA YOGA team

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